Agency for development of Civil Society (ADCS) is a volunteer project aimed to improve Ukraine’s civil and information space.

ADCS is a platform where members of various organizations, officials, trainers, coaches, information experts, PR experts from Ukraine and friendly countries have competences and the opportunity to assist to the development and changes in our country.
We are positive, creative and inspired by changes that are needed in our country.
Our team started in 2013 during the All-Ukrainian Maidan campaign “Celebrate together on the Square” and the all-Ukrainian campaign “The truth about Maidan”. We did lectures for compact living Maydan activists that later became the Maidan’s Open University.
In 2015 ADCS was registered as a public organization, as the activities attract new people.
We cooperate with various organizations from all over Ukraine and the world.

We realize that there is a lot of work and it pushes us to work even harder and more fruitful.
We are ready for cooperation with everybody for whom positive changes in Ukraine are important.